Friday, February 13, 2015

Dainty, check. Sweet, check. Pretty, check. All set for Valentine's Day!

I guess there's still a little bit of the happy second grader in me - the one clutching her homemade Valentine's box (my father always helped me, and mine were always fabulous, thanks to him!) and carefully inscribed cards for my classmates (so much fun to pick out which one was perfect for whom).  So Valentines of all sorts have a happy, beckoning power over my girly senses and draw me in.  Which is why I always create some sort of kit this time of year that has a "heartsy" application, although that stubborn practical streak I have usually compels me to make it a little more general for scrapping lots of things.

Enter "Sentimental."  It's dainty, it's sweet, and it's pretty.  And you can scrap your valentine, or things you love, or other dreamy things.  (Or you can scrap your daughter's cat, or your other daughter's husband and dog.  Which I did.)

There's a new set of Display Boards to go along with the tender heartedness:

I'm enjoying these templates so much - so versatile and so much fun to use!

Then there's the big money-saving bundle:

And as afore-mentioned; the cat, and the husband and the dog:

I was particularly fond of that newsprint cover I made for the display board, so I added it in to the folder as a bonus - it also gives you an idea of changes/additions you can make when you create your own masterpiece!

And here's some gorgeous inspiration from my talented team:

 Layout by Robin

  Layout by Maria

  Layout by Rae

 Layout by Jenni

You can see more gorgeousness HERE in my Scrapbookgraphics gallery!  Feel free to post your own layouts there, I always love to see them! (or you can share them on my FB page, too)

The Sentimental collection is available now at the introductory sale price, so get yourself a little something sweet for Valentine's day.  You know you deserve it.  And then go buy the kit and scrap the something sweet, LOL.  Enjoy!

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