Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Favorite Pea Fonts. Well, some of them, anyway.

If you are a digital scrapper, you probably know immediately what Pea Fonts are.  If you are new to the fold, you may be scratching your head.  "Pea Fonts" are wonderful handwritten fonts from real people that Amanda Bottoms from has turned into fonts.  The best part is that she gives them away freely.  Admittedly, a visit to her blog usually takes me much longer than intended because I really enjoy reading about her and her endeavors, and I've gotten quite a few useful tips on many things, not just scrapbooking.  

Anywho, there are scads of pea fonts and you know how it is.  You just can't install ALL FONTS on your machine.  I sorted through my collection and picked out the ones I used the most - before my love affair with typewriter fonts I almost always used Pea Fonts for my journaling.  Here they are for you with links below.  If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, or to pick out your own faves, here's the main link:


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