Sunday, January 3, 2016

Faithbooking Experiments

As I mentioned yesterday (wow, haven't said that in a blog post in a long time, since I've only posted once every 3 months or so lately, LOL), I've done quite a lot of experimenting in the last few months.  I thought I'd show you some of them.  I always find it helpful to see what others are doing as a springboard for my own thoughts.  Even if it's a style I would never do myself, the smallest thing can trigger a whole host of my own ideas.

My first examples are pretty much basic digital scrapping.

This first one was in response to a request from my husband - these verses were in a devotion that he read, and he remarked on the revelation they were to him about events in his past.  I took a photo I had taken when we explored a tunnel a couple of weeks earlier and used it as a foil for the verses.  It seemed perfect in context, and the reminder of the experience coupled with the message will help him keep the revelation fresh in his mind and heart.  (I created this in 8x10 and put it in a frame which he keeps on the dresser).

 These two were inspired by favorite hymns:

 Then came the scribbling on note cards with sharpies, LOL.  We were away from home and I didn't have access to my design computer or my "stuff."  So I spent some time on pinterest looking at Bible Journaling and feeling intimidated!

That led to creating "margin art"  I scanned the doodly stuff and created line art.  I filled this one in with Photoshop, then added styles to give it texture.  This could be printed for a bookmark or to glue into a real book margin.  Or added to a planner page margin or notes section. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even trace them onto your Bible margin and then color to taste.

One of my original reasons for wanting to do some sort of artistic faith expression was that I find so many nuggets of wisdom in my daily devotions, and I felt as though they were slipping away from me; I would remember for a day or two but then I'd forget, or couldn't remember where I'd read them.  I wanted to be able to make an easily accessed reminder so I continue to grow.  I finally found a notebook/journal that felt wonderful in my hand, and looks presentable enough to leave on the end table where I read.

So now when I read something I try to condense the meat of it into a simple concept or visual reminder.  They are certainly not great art, in fact they are even kind of lousy doodles LOL.  However, they provide a quick refresher at a glance, and I have some notes on the page as well.  

That eye is kind of creepy, LOL.  But it doesn't matter, because it does the job of reminding me, and quite honestly, the more senses I can involve, the more impact it makes on my memory :)

So there you have a peek at the spectrum of my experimentation.  I hope it gives you some ideas, even if it's just to quietly say to yourself, "I'm never doing THAT!"

I also packaged up the two doodly margin art pieces for you to play with:

You can download them HERE.

I'll try to keep my projects posted here, and I hope you will share yours with me as well!

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