Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Hatchery Time!

!Yay, it's December!  Yay until I remember how I'm already behind, LOL.  No matter, it will all get done somehow :)  I hope you are all coping with your to-do lists, too!

December 1st does mean it's time for a new Hatchery collection at The Digichick.  You will love the color palette for this coordinated release from all of the fabulous TDC designers, and the theme is winter/holidays.  

I loved the red and the teal from the palette.  It made me think of mid-century color palettes (I can't believe we call it that - when I was growing up it was that ghastly old-fashioned stuff from the 50's - how time changes our perspective, LOL), which made me think of the scads of photos of my childhood Christmases.  Candidly, that opened up a whole other strain of feeling guilty about not finding an effective way to preserve some of the photos from my mother's albums in a way that my children can share.  I know there are apps which you can get for your phone (like Photomyne) to elimate removing them all and scanning, and I keep thinking I will do that someday and so far someday has not arrived - can you relate?  

But I digress.  

I chose to use that vintage inspiration to create Ho Ho Retro - just in case I get my act together I can put together a great little book for my girls.  I know they will enjoy rolling their eyes at their mom's adorableness ;)

Now the best thing about the Hatchery collections is the pricing - each pack is just $2, and the bundle (which comes with an awesome free alpha pack) is a swell (see me channel my retro lingo) deal at just $6.  Perfect timing, since we are all spending $$$ right and left on gifts!  And I think this would be a fun collection to use for Christmas cards, too.  

Just to give you an idea of what was in my head, I scrapped one of my photos from long ago:

That fireplace was famous, by the way - my Mother stationed me there for photos for seemingly every event! As I look back on those photo sessions I wonder how she ever knew if she got something good without being able to just look at the back of the camera on the LCD display ;)

I have some inspiration for you from my team and the TDC ladies:


Last of all (I hope you made it!) I have a cute retro alpha freebie for you:

You can download it HERE - I hope you find it useful!

That's it for me for now, so happy shopping and scrapping til next time!


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So cute, thank you.