Thursday, February 9, 2017


Hashtags.  If you spend anytime at all on social media, you know what they are, whether you use them or not.  I have a tendency to use them to be silly more than to categorize my post or photo for others to find (yes, it's all about me, LOL).  However, I found myself making a title using a hashtag, and it got me to thinking that a set of words would be handy.  And then when I made the set of words, I thought, Hmmm.  A set of pocket cards could be handy.  And when I made the set of... well, you can see how it went.  Sort of like giving a mouse a cookie and for sure he's gonna want a glass of milk :)

So, this is where the #cookie went.

Those led to this:

(I might add that at this point, I sort of wondered if I was crazy.  I mean, black and white for a kit? )

Last, I made a set of templates that reflect the original scrapping event that required the hashtag title in the first place:

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of my creative team thought I was a little crazy, too.  But they were good sports and played along :)  And I think maybe were a little surprised by the results!

I love the way both color and black and white photos work with the neutrals of the kit, but you can always grab a spot of color from another kit if you want something to pop ;)  (sort of ironic that I am so color driven and yet there is none here, right?)

Hashtag #AndAllTheGoodies  will be on sale through Monday, so grab some photos and #ScrapLikeCrazy!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

More Valentine Goodies

Two very special collections return to my shop this week, just in time for Valentine's Day!


This collection includes these fun Display Board templates (also available separately, of course):

The second collection is Heart's Delight:

Two differently styled template sets go with this collection:

A little something for everyone!  The pocket cards and the clusters for Heart's Delight are both new additions for my pocket scrapping project.
Some fresh inspiration:


Both collections will be at the introductory sale price through Monday, so it's a perfect time to pick up that little something sweet for yourself! Til next time, Happy Scrapping!