Thursday, February 9, 2017


Hashtags.  If you spend anytime at all on social media, you know what they are, whether you use them or not.  I have a tendency to use them to be silly more than to categorize my post or photo for others to find (yes, it's all about me, LOL).  However, I found myself making a title using a hashtag, and it got me to thinking that a set of words would be handy.  And then when I made the set of words, I thought, Hmmm.  A set of pocket cards could be handy.  And when I made the set of... well, you can see how it went.  Sort of like giving a mouse a cookie and for sure he's gonna want a glass of milk :)

So, this is where the #cookie went.

Those led to this:

(I might add that at this point, I sort of wondered if I was crazy.  I mean, black and white for a kit? )

Last, I made a set of templates that reflect the original scrapping event that required the hashtag title in the first place:

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of my creative team thought I was a little crazy, too.  But they were good sports and played along :)  And I think maybe were a little surprised by the results!

I love the way both color and black and white photos work with the neutrals of the kit, but you can always grab a spot of color from another kit if you want something to pop ;)  (sort of ironic that I am so color driven and yet there is none here, right?)

Hashtag #AndAllTheGoodies  will be on sale through Monday, so grab some photos and #ScrapLikeCrazy!

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