Sunday, May 7, 2017

She who can't cut straight does a hybrid project and lives to tell about it. You can, too!

 I had the opportunity to do a little project recently and I wanted to share it with you.  For someone who has never done particularly well with cutting and pasting (thus the digital scrapbooking), I've recently come to love playing with my own creations.

Here's what I made:

It's a little booklet for jotting down praise reports or a gratitude journal.  I purchased a bundle of graphics, and the cute pandas were part of it.  It's not really my design style, but I have a daughter who loves pandas, so I thought I would make her something personal for her birthday.  (I might add that this was necessary because I sent her the big present early and I was so excited about it that I made her open it as soon as it got there... which was fun at the time but leaves the birth DAY rather empty, y'know?)

I'll show you some step-by-step photos in a minute (it isn't hard, I mean... *I* did it, and without directions LOL) but here are the other pieces I made to go with it:

 4x6 cards

 Stickers (I printed them on a clear label and then kiss-cut them on my Cricut)

 My own "die-cut" pieces to decorate the covers

 3x4 pocket cards     ^^ as you can see, I at least got help cutting straight ;)

So here's the booklet:

Score the cover (I just printed scrapbook paper on both sides of letter-size white cardstock)

I printed some lightly dotted printer paper with little decorations for inside pages, and trimmed about a quarter of an inch off each side.  I scored and folded each one then put them together in the center of my cover, then opened up my stapler and stapled 3 times down the center (I stapled into a big cork coaster I have)

Fold the staples down, carefully.  Bleeding on one's project is never recommended ;)

Cover the seam with a nice wide swath of washi tape.  I like this one because it's wide, but you could layer skinnier ones.  It's just to protect that spine and hide the staples :)

 Glue on your pretties :)  This is where I am afraid I lack skill - I never quite know what to use to glue stuff together.  In this case I used a glue stick, which worked fine.

And there you have it!  

I've packaged up all the goodies to make the booklet for you, so you can have a go and feel all proud of yourself as I did ;)  If you don't have a cutting machine, die cuts are pretty simple to cut out (especially if you cut better than my 5-year-old equivalent skillz). 

So here you go - Click on the link below to download your very own project!

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