Thursday, September 28, 2017

Clear Air, and lots of Color on the way!

We had "weather" last weekend, rain and snow in the mountains.  Now the air is crystal clear, and trees are beginning to turn colors.  I am a happy, happy camper!
Exuberant Fall will help you record happy fall events with its rich colors and vintage touches.  And gold.  Shiny, you know :)

I hope you enjoy these inspiring examples from the creative team!  Exuberant Fall will be at the introductory sale price for a limited time in my Digichick shop.  Happy Scrapping!


Friday, September 15, 2017

Return to Montana

It has been an eventful year weather wise.  My heart goes out to those of you who have been affected by wind, water, and fire.  While we haven't been directly affected here in my area, we have had many smoky days and I find myself thinking of kinder Septembers.  As a result I have returned to a favorite color palette drawn from a ripe field of grain glowing in the late evening sun against a stormy (but clear) sky.

 The rich natural tones make me happy on the inside, LOL.  And there are touches of vintage ephemera and lots of shabby papers in the collection to make it heritage-friendly.

Some lovely examples to give you ideas:

I feel some scrap time coming on, hopefully you are inspired as well :)

Somehow in all the distractions of the last weeks, I forgot to send my newsletter last week with my new Hatchery goodies - they will remain at Hatchery prices, though, so better late than never LOL.

I'm completely in love with that terrarium, but you know me and my obsession for dimension and glass ;)

And a final reminder, the free downloads of Through the Storm and After the Rain will be available through the end of September  - in case you missed it here are the details:

Download HERE

You can  visit my shop HERE, and until next time, happy scrapping!


Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Photo Project goes 'Round The World, plus storms, rainbows, freebies & hurricanes...

It has been quite a week.  My daughter lives in Houston (she's safe), and my education regarding hurricanes, weather reports, Texas Geography, and bayous/runoff has been fast and intense.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Houston as they dry out and start putting back the pieces.

I have a cute single template for you this week - I've always wanted to do a globe template and here it is:

It would make a great Title page for a project, but it's versatile enough for a single page, too.  My talented team had fun with it:

It's on sale through the weekend in my shop.

I had been preparing this bundle for my Attic Treasures shop, but it seems to me in the light of recent events that I'd like to let everyone have it.  We all have storms in our lives - maybe not hurricanes, but we all go through difficult times and it's important to keep hope in front of us.  I wish for all of you the rainbow of promise after your storm.  Please consider, if you are able, making a donation to storm relief, or even just someone around you that needs a helping hand.  The downloads will be up for the month of September.

Download HERE.

Until next time, happy scrapping!